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I'm a 30-something wife and the mommy to two beautiful girls, finally married the love of my life on 1/2/09. I write about life, love, the day to day, the happy and the sad

Back August 2010
I know money is tight.  Believe me I know it.  Even if you can't afford to help out, I encourage you to read her blog to share her story.  Re-Post it if you feel so inclined. And if you are feeling especially generous please consider skiping your mocha frappe for a day to support their efforts to bring home their adoptive daughter from China. If you can spare $5 (or $10, or $20!) please consider donating.

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f-list pruning....
Just a quick note to let you know I've done a long-overdue cut on my f-list.  No drama, no tears.... simply removing the journals that either never comment on my entries (which, of course, makes me feel like you aren't reading anyway), are "never here", or that I feel I have grown apart from.  It's nothing personal.  Also, please feel free to remove me if you feel I fit into any of the above categories.  Please, as a courtesy.... if you are not on my friends list please remove me from yours.  Comments disabled. 
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Friends Cut
Due to the added stress in my life- anyone I do not actually *know*, or who knows me "in real life" has been cut from my friends list.  It's nothing against anyone- I just feel like my private life is too public here.  Please remove me from your list as well.
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Pullip/Doll Feedback!
Please post your feedback for my doll-related transactions with you here- I'll return the favor if you have a similar post! ^_^  Non-friend comments are screened to avoid yuck being posted in my LJ ^_^

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